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Tabletop Training Evolved

No more whiteboards or sketchpads. With SimTac City™ tactical and command training becomes an interactive immersive experience giving tactical operators and command elements the ability to rehearse and learn response tactics side-by-side in real time.

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Command Map PC Interface

Tactical Map PC Interface

Joint Operations

SimTac City™ broadens your training’s effectiveness by allowing command and tactical elements to work together as they simultaneously respond to an incident.

This greatly enhances real-world interoperability response tactics as all players observe each other’s challenges, needs and responsibilities in real-time.

Command and Control

The ‘bird’s-eye’ city command map allows Incident Commanders to drive the response and allocate resources to mitigate the threat in support of forward operating tactical teams.

Resource markers allow real-time scene management and can be dynamically repositioned based off information updates from the field or lesson plan dispatch.

Manage non-tactical resource markers such as Fire Department elements, Venue Stakeholders, Crowds and Media.

Tactical Operations

Plan and practice forward operations tactics on SimTac City’s two tactical maps by setting up a scenario with victims, hazards and suspects. Tactical operators reveal ‘cards’ on the map as they are encountered and must adjust their tactics accordingly.

The ‘Live Fire’ On/Off marker dictates the game tempo as it turns an incident from cold to hot at the instructors' discretion.

A wide variety of over 40 command map poker chip markers represent resources, threats and other elements needed for virtually any scenario.

Incident Command and Management

Tactical Card Pack

A deck of 52 plastic scenario cards provided a wide array of threats, challenges and operators to fit most common scenarios or create your own using the rewritable banks. Threat and challenge cards are played face-down on the map and are revealed when an operator is in close proximity.

Expect the Unexpected

16 ‘Wrench Cards’ may be played on any map to inject disruptive events. Included blanks cards let you create your own.

Go-Anywhere Portability

No need to dedicate an area for SimTac City™. Utilizing durable roll-up vinyl maps and the included map tube, training can be conducted at a moment’s notice anytime, anywhere, indoors or out.

‘School’ tactical map shown. ‘Movie Theatre’ tactical map also included.

Dig right in with the included quick start guide and lesson plans that cover active shooter, barricade suspect, hostage and rescue task force or use any of your existing points of instruction.

Fulfills all AB-1598 and NFPA 3000

TableTop Training Requirements

Go digital and take your training to the next level with the included drag-n-drop version of SimTac City™.

Load in your own custom command or tactical maps to train in your area of operations.

Use in pre-drill and post-drill briefings to optimize performance.

Recreate real-world events to improve response tactics.

Save your training sessions to PDF for reference or distributable After Action Reviews.

SimTac City™ Online

Changing the way you train.

3 six-foot vinyl maps included. Command, School and Movie Theatre.

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